Mar 29, 2019

Twitter introduces a battery-saving ‘Lights Out’ dark-mode option

by Aksha Verma
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The company today is rolling out an even darker version of the app’s existing dark mode. Before, Twitter’s dark theme was more of a blue-ish shade instead of a true black, which not everyone seemed to like. Now, there’s an optional setting that makes the current dark mode more of a pitch black.

To use the new feature, you’ll first visit the Twitter app’s “Settings and Privacy” section, then click on “Display and Sound.” From there, you can toggle on the “Dark Mode,” which enables the current blue-black theme.

A second option, “Lights Out,” is also offered. If checked, dark mode ditches the blue tones and becomes black instead.

Most apps offering a dark mode don’t do this — they just offer a bright, white theme and another darker one. Twitter — which doesn’t always do things by the book, to say the least — has gone a different route.

A tweak to the dark mode may seem like a minor adjustment to be concerned with, but dark modes today have grown in popularity as larger phone screens became the norm — particularly because they can help to conserve battery life on high-end OLED devices.

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