Mar 29, 2019

Google will kill ‘Inbox by Gmail’ on April 2

by Aksha Verma
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Google has killed its “Inbox by Gmail” service, a radical take on email management that was quite different from what we saw in the past. Google launched the service back in May 2015, giving Gmail users an option to use a new interface on iOS and Android. This interface gave a glimpse at what the future of email management would look like with the help of a number of new features that were unheard of in mainstream email apps back in 2015.

The primary feature of “Inbox by Gmail” was visible and rich “highlights” of each email message that users could see directly from their inbox without opening individual emails.

For instance, the highlights would include the tracking information of a package directly visible from the main screen without the need to open the email, look for the information and then track it using a different website. Other features included adding reminders in the inbox, ability to snooze emails and reminders, group bundling of messages depending on the type of emails including promos, or purchases, and ability to toggle the automatic bundling.

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