Mar 29, 2019

BBC wants to add 3rd parties to its Sounds app to balance Apple and Spotify dominance in podcasts and music

by Aksha Verma
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the BBC pulled its podcasts from Google’s Podcast app and Assistant platform after determining that it wasn’t getting enough out of the relationship, specifically noting that Google wasn’t providing it with enough audience data and search links to its own sites and services. Today, we get some more context and development on that decision.

The U.K. media giant announced it is working on an expansion of its own Sounds app: it’s in talks with other media companies to add their podcasts and live radio streams to it, a move it hopes will help not just the BBC itself but other media owners find some more competitive leverage against not just Google, but also Apple and Spotify — with the latter two currently accounting for 80 percent of the podcast and music-streaming markets in the U.K.

The plan to expand Sounds — which has had 1.7 million downloads since being launched just over four months ago — with third-party content producers was outlined today in the broadcaster’s annual report, where it details strategy for the year ahead.

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