Sep 19, 2018

Amazon looking to launch up to 8 Alexa-powered devices

by Aksha Verma
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Amazon has plans to release at least 8 new voice-controlled devices before the year-end.

According to a CNBC, this is part of the world’s largest retailer’s plans to expand its offerings in the connected home segment. The new devices include an amplifier, microwave, subwoofer, receiver, and an in-car gadget. All of these will be Alexa-enabled with some even having Alexa built in.

Amazon will reportedly hold an event sometime later this year to reveal the devices to the world. This also expands Amazon’s drive to make its Alexa voice technology widespread, especially in areas where people spend most of their time: at home and in a car.

Alexa had initially started off as an experiment by Amazon but now has grown. It has also strengthened the smart speaker market, which is expected to be touch $30 billion by 2024.

This marks Amazon’s jump into the smart home appliances market, where it will directly compete with companies like GE and Sonos. Both companies have devices which can be connected to and controlled using Alexa.

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