Mar 14, 2017

Cartoon Network releases new TV and console gaming property

Written by Avantgarde
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Cartoon Network is powering up a new connected world of original heroes across the TV and gaming landscape via a new animated series, OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes.

The multi-platform content will span a new integrated console game, jointly developed with the indie video game studio Capybara Games.

Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, the new series will follow the adventures of K.O., a kid attempting to level up and be the best he can be in a dynamic universe of friends and foes.

The follow up console and PC game is slated as an action brawler with RPG elements and is expected to arrive later this year. The game will be previewed in the US at PAX East.

To help build this new world, Cartoon Network opened the door to the gaming and creative communities to produce custom multiplatform content.

Independent game developers created their own original games based on the characters at a Game Jam last year.

Following the Game Jam, college undergraduates were invited to craft 15-second animation shorts using the IP at an Animation Jam.

OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes is set in Lakewook Plaza, a mall for heroes, where K.O. and his group of friends try to impress each other in their efforts to level up and overcome the obstacles that evil foe Lord Boxman sends their way on his quest to destroy the plaza.

OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes is slated to premier this summer in the US and will roll out across the UK and global markets shortly after.



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