Jan 30, 2017

Louis Vuitton and Supreme unveil their latest collaboration at the LV's Fall-Winter 2017 show in Paris

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Louis Vuitton (Twitter: @VittonLouis), a French fashion house has entered into a strategic collaboration with Supreme (Twitter: @SupremeAccess) to develop a new line of clothing and accessories.

The collection of cosigned clothes, accessories, shoes and more were recently debuted as part of LV's Fall-Winter 2017 show in Paris.


However, rumors of this collaboration had been doing the rounds on the Internet for months but the news was only confirmed recently when Louis Vuitton’s men’s artistic director, Kim Jones, said in an interview “I’m pleased it’s all out in the open now because we’ve been working on it for a year.".

The scope of the collaboration is huge and is sure to drive the demand for these luxury pieces to new heights before they even hit store shelves. This collaboration further cements the brand's ability to blur the true definition of luxury.

The lineup will roll out starting July 17 at Louis Vuitton stores and also at stand-alone pop-up shops. 


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