Dec 23, 2016

Laulhère debuts Smiley inspired berets

Written by Avantgarde
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The Original Smiley (Twitter: @SmileyOriginal) has partnered with Laulhère (Twitter: @laulhere_beret), a French handcrafted headwear supplier to launch an exclusive range of Smiley inspired berets just in time for its 45th anniversary next year.

Aiming to pay homage to Smiley’s French roots, the new collection features blue, black and yellow colored berets with the classic smiley eyes and smile embellished on it and is now available for sale at all Laulhère retail stores.

In addition to the headwear collection, Smiley also plans to launch a series of collaborations throughout 2017 and a launch party has been planned for January 19, 2017 hosted by Laulhère at their new Paris store to celebrate the collaboration.

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