Nov 28, 2016

Cartoon Network and Simon & Schuster partner to launch a limited-edition Adventure Time cookbook

Written by Avantgarde
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Cartoon Network(Twitter: @cartoonnetwork) has partnered with Simon & Schuster (Twitter: @simonschuster), an American publishing house to launch a limited-edition Adventure Time cookbook inspired by food recipes from its hit animated series, Adventure Time.

Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook has its own background story including the show’s leading characters. Finn, the lead cast of the show discovers the remains of an old cookbook filled with recipes in the Founders’ Island Library that he certainly believes belonged to his mother at some point. However, many pages were lost to which Finn decided to complete the book with as many delicious food ideas as he could. To make this dream become a reality, he recruited Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and the other citizens of Ooo.

The book features dishes such as Bacon Pancakes, Pastas, Boiled Egg, Cream Puffs and many more.

The book will be available for sale tomorrow i.e. 29th November, 2016 and will retail at $29.99.



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