Oct 5, 2016

PepsiCo opens its first ever restaurant, Kola House in New York

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Earlier this year, PepsiCo (Twitter: @PepsiCo), an American multinational food and beverage corporation announced its partnership with a hospitality, nightlife, and operations management group, The Metric founded by Lisle Richards and Eric Marx to debut its first ever restaurant and bar, Kola House (Twitter: @kola_house) which is now open to customers in New York City.

The name of the restaurant ‘Kola House’ is inspired from the Kola nut, a caffeine-containing nut found in the tropical rainforests of Africa, that is the main ingredient in the carbonated soft drink manufactured by the company.


The new 5,000-square-foot restaurant is designed by Kravitz Design Inc. with an aim to provide a premium experience to its customers. It will feature many art, fashion and music events for live entertainment and will host musicians such as LCD Soundsytem, Jason Derulo, Blood Orange and Virgin Staples and artists such as the Japanese contemporary artist Tomokazu Matsuyama.

Staying true to its name, the restaurant has an elaborate drinks and food menu inspired by the Kola nut. The drinks have been curated by the famous mixologist, Alex Ott while the food menu has been carefully crafted by Chef Jon Feshan. The dishes are moderately priced with entrees ranging from $22 to $48.

Kola House expects to see a clientele of local New Yorkers from ranging backgrounds. With no marketing strategies streamlined for now, the company will rely on its visitors to talk about Kola House on Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The company’s already established market standing and much created excitement for the opening of Kola House will also act as early sales driving factors.  


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