We provide consulting services to our customers to help make their decisions easier. We start by understanding the business challenge at hand to develop custom-tailored business solutions. Our goal is to achieve results by identifying the specific business challenges our clients face in order to define the parameters of success.

Supply Chain Consulting

We work with clients across a broad range of industries to deliver innovative supply chain strategies that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets. In today’s volatile and increasingly digital global business environment, companies need less of a supply chain and more of a supply network—able to move quickly and flexibly and capitalize on new innovations and respond to digital disruption. Most existing supply chain strategies were built on the assumption of stability, and designed to plan, produce and deliver on a just-in-time basis to assure lean operations and inventory. Our supply chain consulting services provide the experience, capabilities and insight to help clients create long-term profitability and shareholder value through developing dynamic operations and digital supply networks. We work with our clients across a broad range of industries to address key business issues such as:

Enabling growth, rapidly responding to changes in the marketplace:

  1. Configuring the Supply Network adapted to business needs
  2. Accelerating time-to-market
  3. Gaining end-to-end visibility
  4. Managing short term volatility

Drive competitiveness through:

  1. Reducing supply chain complexity
  2. Inventory optimization
  3. Reducing costs to improve profitability
  4. Leveraging digital technologies to generate competitive advantage

Product Sourcing from Vendors in India, Far-East (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam) & CIS Countries

We help customers in locating companies that sell products wholesale and verifying that the company is legitimate by performing a thorough investigation of the company. Finding those GENUINE Wholesalers is a lot harder and more time consuming than it may seem.

We work with hundreds of overseas manufacturing partners to develop and manufacture extraordinary merchandise, promotional products, and retail-ready consumer goods.

Our approach to quality manufacturing has been refined over the years, producing countless products for the world’s biggest brands.

Our success comes from developing a deep and intrinsic knowledge of each factory we work with, allowing us to partner with the right manufacturer for our each client. We’ve spent years developing our internal factory database, the most comprehensive and extensive profile of overseas manufacturers in the industry. This allows us to leverage relationships with overseas factories utilizing a dedicated team of sourcing professionals to vet, verify, and select the perfect partner on every project.

Marketing Research and Promotion

We do a deep dive to understand the needs of our clients, what their brands stand for, and what they seek to accomplish. We then quantify success in ways that can be objectively measured and evaluated.

We do this by cultivating knowledge, developing understanding, analyzing data, and measuring results are foundational principles for every merchandise program we put into action. This approach maximizes our chances of success and gives our clients insight and visibility into their brands that no one else can offer marketing communication.

Our team assists you to decide the choice of the promotional message content in relation to other activities of integrated marketing communication; consider this question in the context of relevant foreign market research into organic product consumers; determine the level of marketing research, which could be used for approaching the issue from the domestic perspective; and establish which recommendations and implication could be generated when domestic organic products are concerned.

  1. Integrated Marketing Campaign

Globally some markets are now devoting over 40% of their marketing budget to digital activities, which leaves 60% that’s likely being devoted to traditional forms of advertising. But it’s not just one or the other; the idea of creating an integrated campaign is one that blends several elements of each, including public relations, direct marketing, social media, TV ads, YouTube, and so on.

An integrated marketing campaign can take on many forms, but the idea behind them is that they typically result in more than one outcome – so for instance, an x% boost in followers plus y attendance at a certain event. It’s important that our consumers tap into new media forms because they are excellent places to conduct consumer research inexpensively. However, the trick is to get your audience to a digital platform of their choosing and have them engage there as well.

That is where we come in because we as marketers need to choose a good balance of traditional and new media that matches our customer’s budget and goals.

Brand Licensing and Franchising

  1. Brand Licensing

The Indian market has seen a major shift in the consumer mindset. The focus has shifted more towards the ‘Brand’ value of the product or services rather than the quality aspect. Since globalization has set its firm feet in India, Brand Licensing has become the need of an hour.

Brand Licensing is a concept that leverages the brand’s properties across new product lines under brand’s direction and vitality. So, we help our customers in taking brand rights in a product line and making profit by creating and selling merchandise around it.

Our aim is to make the ‘brand’ a key factor in decision making by Indian consumer. Our customers get help from us to keep up with the changing preferences of their consumers.

Our company is the best platform for a Brand Owner or Licensor, to comprehend Indian market with distinct needs which can be serviced through partnerships with Licensees as best as possible.

We extend extensive licensing solutions comprising of brand licensing program development & management, creative & brand assurance services, financial support and services, intellectual property management & legal mediation, along with licensee representation services.

We are one of the unique firms in India, blessed with broad licensing bandwidth with wide services, and rare in house opportunity marketing capabilities leveraging our parent resources and B-2-B mediums.

  1. Franchising

Once you let us know you’re interested in getting your hands dirty in franchsing, we put in motion our strategies to get you the best deal available in the market at that point in time.

Upon receiving your inquiry, we will contact you and provide an overview of our franchise business model, investment requirements, franchise selection criteria, and discuss your goals and answer any questions you may have.